Saturday, December 13, 2014

We are Empowering Many More People with Knowledge & Cash!

Dear IBO,

Happy New Month (DECEMBER 2014).

And compliments.

The holidays are here again and the year is racing to its end.

You still have the remaining days in this new month to turn your finances, career, business and life around for good.

Make conscious efforts to do what the majority of people around you won’t do: taking action, selling something, marketing your business and spending your time wisely and productively.

The year 2014 is not over yet. You can still make an incredible difference with the remaining days… if you so wish!

We, at 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! are excited and grateful to God for using us to empower and liberate many more people with Knowledge & Cash.

Let nothing or no one stop your growth in Life-Skills Online Biz.Com.    Reach out to liberate yourself and the world around you through The K & C of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS!

Practice and Duplicate the Tips below:


 1. Be a sincere Product of Our Products.  Commit yourself to LEARN and apply the life changing world class business, financial, leadership and entrepreneurship education provided on our platform.  Download your current level course materials, study them and use the lessons therein to Light up the world around you.

 2. Share the knowledge and purposeful teachings gained from the courses with the people and prospects around you.

 3. Experience the COMMISSION personally and share your feelings with others

 4. Understanding and teach the Secret Power of 4 to your associates.

 5. Purposefully, creatively and happily prospect and invites others into your team. do this over a bottle of refreshing beverage in your home, an eatery or any chosen location.

 6. Understand clearly why you are in K & C – don’t put money first, promote and share the knowledge, and naturally, the cash will follow!

 7. Be sincerely committed with Team Build Activities. Don’t be lethargic. Identify what gives you results and continue to duplicate such, at all times.

 8. Proudly share your TESTIMONIES with everyone. Share your testimonies with your associates, their associates; your prospects and everyone who cares.  Learn the art of sharing stories to promote your business. You will also win!

 9. Feel free to always ask for HELP when in need.  Never use cover up to resolve any unclear issue. Ask for help from your sponsor, sponsor’s upline, other team members or even the ADMIN Support Desk.

 10. Always Make GOD your partner in all you do!

Yours in empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi


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