Wednesday, December 31, 2014

H U R R A Y... 2 0 1 5 is H E R E ! ! !

HURRAY… 2 0 1 5  is Here at LAST!!!

We thank Almighty God for His special mercies, protection, blessings and guidance on us all. To God be the Glory …

We have every reason and course to be glad and grateful to God Almighty.
Today is a very special day to us all –

It is a brand new day in a brand new year, 2015 for us all.

It is our PAYDAY  (Week 13) for all qualified members… and they have all been paid directly into their local bank accounts.  A beautiful and encouraging way to start a New Year!

Also, today marks our first 90th Day of pre-launch operation. We thank God and you all for being part of this vision to empower and liberate humanity through The Knowledge & Cash Revolution.

For this and many more, we sincerely pray that this New Year (2015) brings to you abundant happiness, incredible wealth and everlasting joy in all the good things of life.

So let’s reach out to the world and live our dreams with The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS!

This New Year, more than ever before, we are poised, more determined and committed to help empower many more people achieve their desired dream lifestyle of freedom and abundance.


Yours in empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi

CEO, LifeSkillsOnlineBiz.Com

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good Evening True Friend,

I'm indeed very blessed to have true and loyal people around me and in my life especially during the most trying times...

I have No regret for associating and being of service to so many people; as I equally have NO apology for losing fake people who pretended as true friends with intent to exploits, milk goodness and only share good times with me but decide to 'borrow leg' during my tough and down times.

To all people who share similar experience, let's be grateful to God for revealing the 'people in our lives' as they truly are.

Please always keep a date with ‪#‎MyOwnPeopleSeries‬ with Oba Adeyemi ...
Trust will refreshingly worth your time

@fakepeoplehugtransformernow! ***tongue out ***dance of victory

‪#‎MyOwnPeopleSeries‬: Never Give Fake People Real Space in Your Life Anymore... Give your comment too...

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Hurray... Today is Xmas!

We thank God Almighty for making us all witness this day.

Despite the storms; many have equally gone but HE spared us to witness this day and beyond... God is fair so do not question Him whenever we have problems. In fact, we have to be thankful because He is training us to be strong.

In fact, and truly God loves us!

He sacrificed His Son so that we will be saved.  We are sincerely thankful, God is good and alive!

Special greetings to you especially for believing in our vision, dreams and mission to empower humanity with Knowledge and cash.

And for those who have no appreciation, may they be given the divine gift of understanding and acceptance.

From this day onward, Let's Pray, pray, and pray.
You will see how God works in your life by looking around you and see the people that are deprived of a decent life.

Live your Dream with The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS!
Have the Merriest Christmas of all!
Praise the Lord! Let us celebrate His birthday!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good day,

It's Xmas Eve in 2014...

If your life isn't exactly what you dreamed it to be, simply change your MENTOR!

It's high time you built your self, your business, your dreams, and your finances with The Knowledge & Cash Revolution!

Use your Time, not your Tv.

Be real. Be focus. Be productive. Be enlightened. Be an Independent Business Owner with The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS!

Welcome on board, the right time is NOW.

Learn, Work and Earn @

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Take Charge Now or Crash with the Meltdown!

Just as it was in 2008, the World is entering another round of long Economic Meltdown in 2015.

The signs are obvious for only few who can see it: falling oil prices, high unemployment, mass business closures, currency devaluation, rising population, mass school enrolment, govt failures, high poverty and insecurity, etc.

Only Street-smart Independent Business Owners with foresights will Live their Dreams and be financially free.

Build your knowledge & Cash Business now and be empowered!

K & C is not just a business, it's a Revolution.

Wouldn't you rather join us?


CONGRATULATIONS to All Members who have worked hard for their EARNINGS.

All Payment are already made directly into members local bank accounts. We know that concerned members have gotten their BANK ALERTS! ***Happy Mood**

We are very excited, poised, strategically positioned to empower everyone who are part of The Knowledge & Cash Revolution!

Leaders and members are hereby encouraged to keep up the good work of their team and business building activities.

This is not just a business, it's a REVOLUTION!

Make more money into your local bank accounts NEXT WEEK.

To your success,

ADMIN 234 805 696 2565

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Dear Independent Business Owners,

As the year winds up faster to its end; couple with the harsh and downward sliding economy of the country. 

In fact, the political uncertainties and very low purchasing power of most Nigerians is a sign post of the expected realities of most people come next year.

For these and many other reasons, Management of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! is keen, determined and very poised to help empower as many people as possible, who are willing and ready to live their dreams through the Knowledge & Cash Revolution.

To do this, STRATEGIC KNOWLEDGE AND TRAINING is Key and as a result, we are encouraging all positive-minded, hardworking, honest, and willing members and leaders to take advantage of the huge benefits accruing from organizing and holding periodic group seminars and trainings for their team members.

So call ADMIN today to help facilitate your NEXT Group Seminar...

Detailed  Nationwide Time-Table for Next Year, 2015  shall be made public as soon as possible.

Please watch out!

To your success,

Yours in empowerment,

ADMIN (234 805 696 2565)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Important Lessons on Network Marketing

Dear I B O,

Good day to you.

As the year winds down faster, as many more people are getting entangled in the festive period paparrazi; we want to encourage you to strategically position yourself to be more successful.

Now is the right time to tap into one of the surest and least explored ways of creating unimaginable legitimate wealth –  Network Marketing

Let’s begin this all important Newsletter with incredible words and nuggets from some of my own mentors.

‘If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work’ – Donald Trump, global renowned property mogul and multi-billionaire

‘Network Marketing…the best decision I ever made’ – Warren Buffet, world richest man for years

‘Network Marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their income-generating asset and acquire great wealth’; Network marketing is the fastest growing business model in the world’ – Robert Kiyosaki, International Best-selling author and billionaire.

‘The best kept secret in the business world…Network Marketing’ – Fortune 500 Magazine

‘My financial and lifestyle stories changed phenomenally when I finally took the bull by the horn to do what most people around me wouldn’t do. I joined an online network marketing company. – Adewale Adeyemi, Founder, Life-Skills Business Networks.

Everyone around me told me, it won’t work and is not worth it. Some even laughed at me, others mocked me while most expected me to fail and come back to them cap in-
hand. But I followed my guts.

I learned all I could about the industry, researched more about the company I joined; their products/services; their compensation plan and lifestyle freedom; looked for successful mentors in the industry and listened to them.

It was a painstaking experience and sacrifice but within 12 months, I became financially independent and start living my dream lifestyle even till this day – December 2014.

This Newsletter is an extract from one of my best-selling book: The Successful Network Marketer’s Handbook – Lessons from a Mentor.

I am sharing this piece with you to serve as a proven and trusted compass to network marketing success to help you stay determined, motivated, and passionate about living your dreams through a solid network marketing such as The K & C Program of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! ( )

It is indeed my pleasure to present to you this invaluable piece to help you achieve unimaginable successes and also make you a Certified Network Marketer within a record time.

Welcome to the Business World of Unimaginable Financial and Lifestyle Freedom!

You will succeed.

Yours in empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi
CEO, LifeSkillsOnlineBiz.Com


We are Empowering Many More People with Knowledge & Cash!

Dear IBO,

Happy New Month (DECEMBER 2014).

And compliments.

The holidays are here again and the year is racing to its end.

You still have the remaining days in this new month to turn your finances, career, business and life around for good.

Make conscious efforts to do what the majority of people around you won’t do: taking action, selling something, marketing your business and spending your time wisely and productively.

The year 2014 is not over yet. You can still make an incredible difference with the remaining days… if you so wish!

We, at 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! are excited and grateful to God for using us to empower and liberate many more people with Knowledge & Cash.

Let nothing or no one stop your growth in Life-Skills Online Biz.Com.    Reach out to liberate yourself and the world around you through The K & C of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS!

Practice and Duplicate the Tips below:


 1. Be a sincere Product of Our Products.  Commit yourself to LEARN and apply the life changing world class business, financial, leadership and entrepreneurship education provided on our platform.  Download your current level course materials, study them and use the lessons therein to Light up the world around you.

 2. Share the knowledge and purposeful teachings gained from the courses with the people and prospects around you.

 3. Experience the COMMISSION personally and share your feelings with others

 4. Understanding and teach the Secret Power of 4 to your associates.

 5. Purposefully, creatively and happily prospect and invites others into your team. do this over a bottle of refreshing beverage in your home, an eatery or any chosen location.

 6. Understand clearly why you are in K & C – don’t put money first, promote and share the knowledge, and naturally, the cash will follow!

 7. Be sincerely committed with Team Build Activities. Don’t be lethargic. Identify what gives you results and continue to duplicate such, at all times.

 8. Proudly share your TESTIMONIES with everyone. Share your testimonies with your associates, their associates; your prospects and everyone who cares.  Learn the art of sharing stories to promote your business. You will also win!

 9. Feel free to always ask for HELP when in need.  Never use cover up to resolve any unclear issue. Ask for help from your sponsor, sponsor’s upline, other team members or even the ADMIN Support Desk.

 10. Always Make GOD your partner in all you do!

Yours in empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi



Dear Enlightened Member,

Happy weekend.

As you prepare to step into the weekend, we wish to share some business and team building insights with you. This is to help you achieve tremendous success in your Knowledge & Cash business, help you register high-flying associates and also make the big bucks.

Let’s remind you that The Knowledge & Cash of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS is a programme born out of over 25 years of Industry experience, research and expertise. K & C is a proven NETWORK, BUSINESS, & LEGAL ENTITY that brings into bare all the vital fundamentals of a sound, proven, stable, profitable, reliable, easy to duplicate operational models.

The K & C Team is working tirelessly to serve you better in a sustained long term relationship.


 1.   Be a sincere Product of Our Products.  Commit yourself to LEARN and apply the life changing world class business, financial, leadership and entrepreneurship education provided on our platform.  Download your current level course materials, study them and use the lessons therein to Light up the world around you.

 2.Share the knowledge and purposeful teachings gained from the courses with the people and prospects around you.

 3.   Experience the COMMISSION EARNINGS personally and share your feelings with others

 4.     Understand and teach the Secret Power of 4 to your associates. 

 5.  Purposefully, creatively and happily prospect and invites others into your team. do this over a bottle of refreshing beverage in your home, an eatery or any chosen location.

 6.  Understand clearly why you are in K & C – don’t put money first, promote and share the knowledge, and naturally, the cash will follow!

 7.  Be sincerely committed with Team Build Activities. Don’t be lethargic. Identify what gives you results and continue to duplicate such, at all times.

 8.  Proudly share your TESTIMONIES with everyone. Share your testimonies with your associates, their associates; your prospects and everyone who cares.  Learn the art of sharing stories to promote your business. You will always win!

 9.  Feel free to always ask for HELP when in need.  Never use cover up to resolve any unclear issue. Ask for help from your sponsor, sponsor’s upline, other team members or even the ADMIN Support Desk.

10.   Always Make GOD your partner in all you do!

You will succeed.

Yours in empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi


Dear Independent Business Owner,

Following popular demands from Team leaders and new members on our platform; the management team hereby present the Compensation Plan of The  Knowledge & Cash Revolution in a simple to understand and explain format.

Please kindly print out this Newsletter, study and share with your new associates and grow your team.


Level 1 – you sponsor minimum 4 people directly and receives N1000 from each. Same sum is paid to your own sponsor.

Level 2 – those  sponsored by each of your direct associates (4 x 4 = 16 )gives you and your own upline N800 each when they auto-upgrade to level 2.

Level 3 – those sponsored by your level 2 associates (16 x 4 = 64 ) gives you and your upline N2,000 each when they auto upgrade to level 3

Level 4 – those sponsored by your level 3 associates ( 64 x 4 = 256) gives you and your upline N3,500 each when they auto upgrade to level 4

Level 5 – those sponsored by your level 4 associates (256 x 4 = 1,024) gives you and your upline N7,000 each when they auto upgrade to level 5

Level 6 – those sponsored by your level 5 associates (1,024 x 4 = 4,096) gives you and your upline N10,500 each when they auto upgrade to level 6

All these, in addition to non-cash rewards like T-shirts, Smart phones, Laptop + modem, split a/c + home theatre and brand new Hyundai car attached to Level 2 – Level 6 respectively.

So everyone GETS PAID in two ways from every level with only one-time fee of N4000!

Wouldn’t you rather join The Knowledge & Cash Revolution?

Contact ADMIN for more information and supports

To your success,



Dear Enlightened Members,


I am particularly excited to share this timeless piece with you as The Knowledge & Cash Revolution of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! travels wider and deeper into the 4 corners of the world.
The UNUSUAL Knowledge-based curriculum and practical teachings of our courses are greatly helping many more people redefine their essence of existence and thereby gradually discovering their God’s given purpose and vision.

The LifeSkillsOnlinebiz.Com model is the NEXT BIG BREAKTHROUGH for those whose time has truly come to succeed in all areas of their lives.

And it excites me to congratulate you as a pioneer member of this great vision. Therefore, be amongst the very few who will fully seize this opportunity, enjoy it and never look back.  

Now that you have truly started, continue to do more, read more, and invite more lucky people to be part of this life-changing revolution.  

The Life-Skills Team is on a DIVINE Mission to CHANGE the World for BETTER; so let’s continue to do this together with YOU!

We value you because you are a special breed and together we all can MAKE A DIFFERENCE (MAD).

So this is the time to create your desired future. GO AHEAD, BUILD your Life-Skills Business, Invite and Register More Associates, Earn More Commission, Acquire More Knowledge and Lets Succeed together.

To your success.

Yours in empowerment,
Adewale Adeyemi



Dear Enlightened Member,

We are pleased to heartily welcome you to THE UNUSUAL SCHOOL: The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS!

We are proud to celebrate you this month. Novemebr, 2014; as we mark our first 1 month of positively touching peoples lives around the country and world at large with THE KNOWLEDGE & CASH REVOLUTION!

To the Glory of GOD, we pre-launched our membership registrations exactly 12:02pm on 1st October, 2014 and since then, our membership keeps growing and cut across all states of the federation, including some other African countries.

For this, we specially appreciate and celebrate you for your believe, support and loyalty towards making our Brand a household name.  we say a big thank you to you!

As we grow and improve to empower humanity through this vision and very powerful platform, we encourage you to maximize this opportunity to Live your DREAMS.

Therefore, do more, reach out to the world and Use the Secret Power of 4 to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

We are more poised, committed and strategically positioned to help you succeed.

To your success,

Yours empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi

Saturday, July 5, 2014




·      The Fundamental Considerations.
·      The Vast Opportunities & Benefits in Network Marketing

Being a public empowerment seminar organized by Life-Skills Business School, Nigeria

Facilitated by Adewale Adeyemi

If you looked at network marketing in the past, you NEED to look again!

If you have never considered network marketing as a career, it’s time you learned…

MILLIONS of people around the world have created a home-based business & wealth profile using network marketing.

Network Marketing
  • Are you curious or skeptical about network marketing?
  • Are you wondering if network marketing may be the income opportunity you have been looking for?
  • Are you OPEN to the facts – even if they upset your preconceptions?
Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, GNLD, TIANSHI, EDMARK, SYMMETRY, TREVO, etc fall under the network marketing umbrella.
Unfortunately, in Nigeria, this multi-billion dollar industry is yet to be tapped by Nigerians especially due to misconceptions , laziness and ignorance of majority of the Nigerian populace about what Network Marketing actually entail and the tremendous financial and lifestyle changes inherent in it.
Network Marketing is a business model where products and services are directly offered to the end consumer. The entire concept is based on the most effective marketing strategy, and that is the personal recommendation of someone you know.
Network marketing has an excellent organization model. The foundation is that you ONLY benefit if those who you introduce to the business ALSO benefit! Likewise, those who are already in the business NEED to help you succeed! The MORE you succeed, the MORE they succeed! What could be more fair?
Dear participant, as we explore the vast opportunities and benefits inherent in Network Marketing, let me congratulate you for making time out to be here; and also encourage you to free your so as to be able to see opportunities that most Nigerians overlook owing to wrong misconceptions, ignorance and sheer laziness.
Congratulations and welcome on board!

Key Benefits of Network Marketing

1. Small amount of risk: There is a certain amount of inherited risk involved when you become an entrepreneur via network marketing.  In a traditional brick and mortal business, the startup cost associated with opening that business is what holds many people back from becoming the creators of their own destiny.
People do not like risk and try to avoid it by all means. We'd like a "guaranteed bet" and stay within "our safe zone". In business, you don't eliminate risks you learn to minimize them.
The advantage of starting a Network Marketing Program is that there is a small risk to get started. With  token thousands of Naira, it is possible to get started with a company of your choice, marketing products & services that you consume already. The amount of financial commitment is insignificant compared to that of traditional business.
2. A huge demand for good quality products: There are a myriad of network marketing companies that promote very good products. If I were considering a company to get involved with, I would always ask myself:
  • Would I still consume these products/services if there were no opportunity to market them?
  • Do these products bring any benefits to a consumer besides the opportunity to make money?
  • Would I bring "value" to my customers if they consume these products?
Every business needs repeat customers. Distributors only get paid when they have consumers for their products and when these customers continue that consumption, then that creates the money flow.
3. Residual income: I am sure that you pay your rent, your electricity, and your phone bill every single month. These are the types of services that for the most part provide an ongoing stream of residual income for these companies.
The greatest advantage of an Network Marketing Program is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy residual income just like those companies do.  
When the initial effort of getting a new customer is completed, you can enjoy the residual part of that business relationship.
4. Unlimited Income Potential::  There is NO income ceiling in network marketing. The fact is that network marketing has been the vehicle to more million-dollar incomes than any other industry! Your income is NOT dependent on your age, race, background, or education. You can be a broke, high school drop-out and achieve success. There is no cap on how much money you can generate. In my corporate jobs, my big limitation was that regardless how hard I worked for these companies; my income was tied to a "market standard" for someone with my skills.
In a Network Marketing Program, that's not the case. It is up to you to decide how much you want to earn. A NM company doesn't hold you back in the same way the corporate environment does.
As long as you have the skills set of a trained network marketer, you make whatever income based on your stamina, dedication, and your willingness to help others.
The skills set is key. Once you trained yourself to become a marketer, you can market anything you choose and generate that income you seek.
5. No employees to hire: By far, this is a clear advantage over traditional businesses. An Network Marketing program is a business of people independently working together.
Without any employees, it's possible to build a business right from home. This industry gives you that added benefit, be in business without employees concerns, by having a network of independent business owners working together towards a common goal.
6.  Low operating Costs:  The network marketing model makes possible to run a business at low costs compared to any other business model.
This is where your upline's support should come in. A good upline mentor should allow you to leverage on his/her expertise, on his knowledge, on his leads, and help you generate the funds to pay off your initial investment and get in profit early in the life of your business.
7. Leverage: Your NM Program is a:
  • people business
  • business of appointments
  • business of helping consumers find what they have the need for
  • business of helping others create businesses.
You reap the rewards by leveraging the efforts of those you help. This develops a collective mindset that promotes "win-win" relationships.
8. Portability & Ease of convenience: With the advent of technology, we can do today what distributors 15 years ago could not do and that's to make our business portable.
We now have a phone technology that allows you to take your telephone and move it anywhere you like transparently to your customers.
As long as you have access to the Internet you can take your computer, your phone, and continue doing business while you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives whether that be in another city or another country!
9. Freedom of Time , Location & Lifestyle:  Imagine having a productive business in network marketing, providing you with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous enjoy. When all the pieces are in place, the life of a marketer can be very fulfilling indeed.
That's the dream every new distributor chases and it is only attainable when there is a clear understanding of how to get there and when your marketing skills are sharp.
It is not just the money, but the fulfillment of a lifestyle that makes a Network Marketing Program the best business to get in and your skills is what make it happen , period!


1.         The whole structure h as much in common with financial pyramids
2.         Distributors are generally compelled to invest their own money (seminars, training sessions, manuals)
3.         The income is mostly based on the newcomers, not so much on actual sales
4.         Distributors are 'encouraged' to purchase the products they are selling

1.       Do your Homework and Choose Wisely.   There are six key elements you should be looking for when seecting a network business opportunity.  One: stability. How old is the company?  Two: excellent products or services that consymers will use and need more of.  Three: the compensation plan.  Four: the leadership and team building support structure.    Five: the motivation and enthusiasm of existing team members. 

2.       There are No Stupid Questions.   If  have a question, ask it!  If your sponsor cant provide a concrete answer, go to someone else in your upline or team.  Likewise, when a customer or business prospect asks a question that you cant answer, be honest and tell them youll have to get back to them.  Whatever you do, don’t frame a lie.  You could end up misleading someone and damaging the credility of your company.

3.       Attendance.  Be sure to attend training calls, seminars and event whenever you can.  Not only will you be current with latest company news, you ll also sharpen your sales skill in the process as you hear leaders present the product/service and business opportunity. Try to hear stories from variety of leaders in your company.  Each will have a unique style, perspective and a fact or figure that you havent heard before.  Find a presenter that you are comfortable that you are comfortable with and emulate him or her.

4.       Be a Good Listener.  People become involved in network marketing for different reasons. When, you are presenting your business opportunity to a prospect, ask questions about what they are looking for and listen intently to their responses.  Are they looking for work from home, more time with their kids, extra money to travel? Find their why. And help them understand how network marketing can help them achieve their goals.

5.       Show and Tell.  Don’t just tell them what you know, show them! Do you have great marketing support materials? Show them. Is the training from your company’s leaders fantastic? Invite them to a seminar presentation.

6.       Share, share, share.   Network marketing is about teaching and coaching.  Sharing knowledge and success strategies with people on your team is a must because your success is largely dependent on their success.  When you give of yourself (without motive), you will naturally form relationships with people, be perceived as a leader and draw people to work with you.  In a nutshell, the more you give, the more you will receive!

7.       Time Management Control.  If you’re working from home or doing this business as a second career until it firmly gets on its feet, then you’ll have to set and meet your schedule in order to carefully build your network marketing business.  Your time is important! Don’t fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over again without results.
8.       Make New Friends.  Network marketing isnt for everyone. The internet has especially changed the game for network marketers; you can draw new prospects from all over the world.

9.       Don’t Quit Your Regular Job…Yet.  Never leave your full time job unless you’re absolutely certain that the income coming  in from your network marketing business is stable and reasonable for your financial goals and obligations.

10.   Practice What You Learnt, Heard and Observed.  To succeed, you need to be willing to listen and learn from mentors andteam leaders. Whatever your mentors and team leaders did to become successful, it’s very duplicatible, but you have to be willing to listen and be taught and follow those systems.

On a FINAL Note…
This paper is packaged and presented to provide you with the real and factual truth about the unique opportunites and hidden wealth secrets present in Network Marketing Businesses.   But which unfortunately, only a few wealthy and mega rich people are benefitting heavily from.    It is a known fact within the legitimate wealth creation circle that no one truly wealthy person in today’s world who does not have one or more income streams from Network Marketing Businesses.

Feel free to connect:
234 807 347 6628 (whatsapp & calls)

Thank you for your time.

I wish you success in you choice.     
Adewale Adeyemi
Adewale is a seasoned and field network marketer, entrepreneur, leader, mentor and trainer. He has imparted unto the lives so many people  who has benefitted immensely from his rich and wide wealth of insight, knowledge, experience and professional calling.  ‘Wale has been there and is still there, so he knows the rules of the business. You can reach him via the contact herein.