Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good Evening True Friend,

I'm indeed very blessed to have true and loyal people around me and in my life especially during the most trying times...

I have No regret for associating and being of service to so many people; as I equally have NO apology for losing fake people who pretended as true friends with intent to exploits, milk goodness and only share good times with me but decide to 'borrow leg' during my tough and down times.

To all people who share similar experience, let's be grateful to God for revealing the 'people in our lives' as they truly are.

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Trust will refreshingly worth your time

@fakepeoplehugtransformernow! ***tongue out ***dance of victory

‪#‎MyOwnPeopleSeries‬: Never Give Fake People Real Space in Your Life Anymore... Give your comment too...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

may God save us frm fake pple in our lives

i love this blog

*hug and kisses