Thursday, December 25, 2014


Hurray... Today is Xmas!

We thank God Almighty for making us all witness this day.

Despite the storms; many have equally gone but HE spared us to witness this day and beyond... God is fair so do not question Him whenever we have problems. In fact, we have to be thankful because He is training us to be strong.

In fact, and truly God loves us!

He sacrificed His Son so that we will be saved.  We are sincerely thankful, God is good and alive!

Special greetings to you especially for believing in our vision, dreams and mission to empower humanity with Knowledge and cash.

And for those who have no appreciation, may they be given the divine gift of understanding and acceptance.

From this day onward, Let's Pray, pray, and pray.
You will see how God works in your life by looking around you and see the people that are deprived of a decent life.

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Have the Merriest Christmas of all!
Praise the Lord! Let us celebrate His birthday!


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