Friday, November 20, 2015



Our Site's Home page now wears a NEW & BETTER LOOK.
Visitors and existing members now have a more appealing and inviting experience on our site.
We are working harder to make KNOWLEDGE & CASH a household name and a Winning brand all over the world.
The Bank accounts updates now EFFECTIVE from today, Friday, 20th November, 2015.
All payments made to FIRSTSTREAM Acct still valid. However, payments should be made into our official GTB & DIAMOND ACCTS.
Pls kindly share with others. Working in your best interest at all times...
Lets us have your honest feedbacks


ochykes said...

i really love this bussiness but i have not started yet...i wana have alot of facts so i will be able to prospects people into it. firstly can i register more than once, and secondly after having four people under me, if i register more people where wl dey be placed in the arrangement. awaiting ur reply thanks

ochykes said...

good u have webinars or slides i can use to do prospecting or hold seminar. somthyn dhat wl make xplaining alot easier. thanks. u can mail me on ma email: