Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Leverage Your Way to Success

As Sent Via Email to All Members, on Tuesday, 5th May, 2015:

Leverage Your Way to Success

Dear Enlightened Member,

Good day to you.
As we approach mid year; with many more people yet to get started with anything meaningful - we want to encourage you to strategically position yourself to be more successful.
Now is the right time to tap into one of the surest and least explored ways of creating unimaginable legitimate wealth – Network Marketing

Let’s begin this all important Newsletter with incredible words and nuggets from some of my own mentors.

‘If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work’ – Donald Trump, global renowned property mogul and multi-billionaire

‘Network Marketing…the best decision I ever made’ – Warren Buffet, world richest man for years

‘Network Marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their income-generating asset and acquire great wealth’; Network marketing is the fastest growing business model in the world’ – Robert Kiyosaki, International Best-selling author and billionaire.

‘The best kept secret in the business world…Network Marketing’ – Fortune 500 Magazine

‘My financial and lifestyle stories changed phenomenally when I finally took the bull by the horn to do what most people around me wouldn't do. I joined an online network marketing company.
Everyone around me told me, it won’t work and is not worth it. Some even laughed at me, others mocked me while most expected me to fail and come back to them cap in-hand. But I followed my guts.
I learned all I could about the industry, researched more about the company I joined; their products/services; their compensation plan and lifestyle freedom; looked for successful mentors in the industry and listened to them.
It was a painstaking experience and sacrifice but within 12 months, I became financially independent and start living my dream lifestyle even till this day – May 2015.'
– Adewale Adeyemi, Founder, Life-Skills Business Networks.

This Newsletter is an extract from one of my best-selling book: The Successful Network Marketer’s Handbook – Lessons from a Mentor.
I am sharing this piece with you to serve as a proven and trusted compass to network marketing success to help you stay determined, motivated, and passionate about living your dreams through a solid network marketing such as The K & C Program of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! ( )

It is indeed my pleasure to present to you this invaluable piece to help you achieve unimaginable successes and also make you a Certified Network Marketer within a record time.
Welcome to the Business World of Unimaginable Financial and Lifestyle Freedom!

You will succeed.

Yours in empowerment,

Adewale Adeyemi
CEO, LifeSkillsOnlineBiz.Com

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