Wednesday, May 6, 2015


As Sent Via Email to All Members, on Wednesday, 6th May, 2015:


Dear Enlightened Member,

Happy new day to you.

It’s Mid-week today, Wednesday,6th May, 2015.
May the blessings, protection and provisions of the Almighty God enrich you and your household this day and forever.
May you accomplish all the good and life-changing desires that you have.
This day, you and your household will be uplifted beyond human comprehension.
Together, we shall all have cause to magnify and exalt God’s name! Amen.

The month of May is a very remarkable month in our country’s history.

As you and the whole world awaits the official handing over of political power from the incumbent, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) to President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB).

I want to encourage you to always do things that will make your own Victory and success, a world reality!

Now is the time to begin the journey to be different, astounding and very successful.
Be different with how to you WORK.
Go extra mile in pursuing your DREAM.
Give More to people than you take from them.
Choose your company and association wisely – never be in the company of FOOLS.
Look for and pick your own personal coaches and mentors.
Always Mind your Own Business. Let your business in business be business.
Seek the wise and experience counsels from your coaches and mentors
Leverage your way to Massive Financial Breakthrough Using the Knowledge & Cash Program of The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS.
Devout some quality TIME to growing your Life-Skill Business and Network
Make God Almighty your closest Ally.

Reflect deeply on these insights, apply them immediately and constantly; and see the remarkable difference in your life.

Keep succeeding,

Yours in empowerment,
Adewale ADEYEMI – Founder, LBN

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