Sunday, June 5, 2016

From The CEO Desk,
7 Things Millionaires Do That the Poor Don’t!
The Life-Skills’ Vision is to ‘raising a generation of successful business owners and role models who live their dreams’.
Also,my own lifelong dream is to create more millionaire students than there were in the world especially in Africa, Nigeria in particular.
God Almighty has been very kind to me and I’m ‘quite lucky’ enough to have reached the millionaire circle myself.
And now, I’m dedicated and more committed to sharing everything I’ve learned – including my very bitter failures the with everyone who desires true, honest and legitimate financial and lifestyle freedom especially our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in the The 1st ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL That PAYS! Platform (
But one thing I realized pretty early on was that, if I wanted to be a millionaire myself before teaching people to be millionaires; I had to study people who had already reached this level of wealth.
I had to learn what they did differently so that I could help my students to not just hit this magic number, but to retain the money they earn and build long-lasting generational wealth.
And today, I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve learned with you. I hope they help you too - no matter what financial stage you’re currently in.
You will succeed.
Happy reading…
Adewale Adeyemi
1. Millionaires work hard.
A lot of people think that winning the lottery is their ticket to success, but I’ve got bad news for you. Over 90 percent of lottery winners enjoy or retain their winnings for five years or less, leaving them back in the same or worse situation they were in before they won.
Millionaires know that there are no shortcuts to success.
The only proven road to success is hard work executed relentlessly in pursuit of a goal.
I know that, in my case, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been willing to work hard. It was up to me to put in the hours needed to become successful. There were plenty of times I would have rather gone out with friends or watch television like most people but I rather sit in my study room alone to read, meditate, plan and work my butt out.
I put in the painstaking hardwork upfront because I knew the results would be worth it, and they’ve been gradually paying off now. Today, I’m out of debts, financial lack and money-worries; am on my next destination of abundant residual earnings and lifestyle freedom because I wasn’t afraid and ashamed to work hard, even though most people around me mocked and ridiculed me for my conscientious hardwork.
2. Millionaires are focused.
That said, it isn’t just about working hard. You have to be working hard on the right thing.
Have you ever known somebody who’s constantly jumping from one “million dollar idea” to another? We all want to be rich, but the people who can’t choose one path to focus on simply aren’t going to achieve it.
It’s the people who dedicate themselves to a single pursuit that come out on top, whether that one path is forex trading, network marketing (especially the Knowledge & Cash Program), traditional brick and mortal business, or something else.
3. Millionaires are careful about risk.
Millionaires are calculated risk-takers. They are not risk averse like most people but they consider their risk in relation to their rewards, carefully and painstakingly too!
You too, whatever wealth-building approach you take, you’ve got to keep your risk in check. It’s not that you shouldn’t take risks. If there’s more risk than there is reward, stay away. But if there’s more potential for reward than there is risk of loss, you may be looking at a great opportunity you should take. This is exactly what I do always in my business life.
Train your EYES to SEE rather than just LOOK!
4. Millionaires are generous.
Take a lesson from generous billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chief Mike Adenuga, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, and others. Giving money can feel just as good (if not better) than earning it.
The Life-Skills Charity Foundation is a humanitarian arm of our business that gives back to needy and vulnerable in the community and society at large. And to be honest with you, it feels amazingly refreshing to help and give back to others in genuine need.
5. Millionaires never stop learning.
This is such a big one. Millionaires love to learn because they’re always looking for ways to expand their skill sets and get ahead in their fields. They read books, watch documentaries, study educational materials and talk to others who can give them more information.
Millionaires know that knowledge is power, and they stop at nothing to get it.
No matter what your net worth is right now, learn to and cultivate the habit of investing 3% of your earnings into yourself via books, audio tapes, educational videos, attending seminars, etc in your areas of interest. Join the Knowledge & Cash Program (
Start today and watch your life transform beyond expectation!
6. Millionaires Mind their Own Business.
In today’s world of numerous distractions and noise, one dominant action of millionaires is that they simply stick to the task at hand – they 'focusedly' mind their own business, no matter the extent and level of distractions and pressure to quit, around them.
Personally, this singular action has consistently helped me become and remain rich. For me, no matter, where the distraction might come from, either in my personal or business circle, I Mind My Own Business still.
7. Millionaires Carefully Choose their Association and company.
Unarguably, the company one keeps determines ones present and future state. Millionaires are people who have mastered the art of carefully choosing who they spend their precious time with.
Personally, I gather tremendous strength from working in purposeful isolation and solitude than hanging around crowd of detractors whose main aims in life are indolence and backbiting.
Beware of ‘familiar friends’. Their chief stock in trade, is to see you go down and suffer misfortunes whilst they pretend to be helpful.
You will succeed,
Adewale Adeyemi, CEO, Life-Skills

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Can I share this post? It is more than educative for me. It is yet another pedestal I MUST take and follow diligently. I pray God guide me right in my journey of applying this principle cos I must confess its not easy but then again it is very easy and that is why it is a challenge on my own part working and walking on each principle.