Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This is a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to All IBOs especially those participating in the Online Class Activities.
Management has reviewed and approved the proposal of Faculty that 2 unique and related Certificates be Awarded for our 6-level courses which when put altogether equips participants to be World class Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Business owners and Role models.
Henceforth, a JUNIOR ASSOCIATE certificate shall be awarded to all Level 3 IBOs who have been cleared and promoted to Level 4 by the Faculty Team. And our prestigious CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENUER - CPE (an Advanced Diploma in Entreprenuership & Leadership Studies) shall be awarded to all level 6 graduands on successful completion.
Both certificates are awarded in e-formats and printed format.
All qualified level 3 IBOs should send their full names and scanned recent passport photograph to Faculty@lifeskillsonlinebiz.com, for processing and collection.
Other IBOs are encouraged to download their course materials, study and answer the virtual class exam questions. Copy cats will be fished out and disqualified.
Induction ceremony for 1st 20 IBOs shall be conducted at the appropriate time n date.
Faculty Team Announcement.
Pls share with All your contacts and team members

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